"A Day at the Beach" Look #1

I've decided to call the new collection "A Day at the Beach"!
Here is my first look using this collection (sorry for the bad photo):

Suds n Sass:
Lid: Banana Taffy & Polka Dot Bikini
Crease: Tattoo Shop & Beach Babe
Highlight: Beach Sand

Non-Suds n Sass:
Base/Primer: Urban Decay 24/7 in Zeor
Mascara: Rimmel Sexy Curves
Liner: Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero

6 Response to ""A Day at the Beach" Look #1"

  1. Michelle says:


    Stephine says:

    I LOVE the colors. Definitely very beachy and summery. And the shadows have such cute names!

    Thank you both so much ; )

    Banana Taffy is such a cute name!! I really like the combo here.

    Look #1 is so artfully done! I enjoyed seeing this collection worn with a lot of versatility. The names all fit and I am excited to see this take off!

    @KittenMittens Thank you so much! Banana Taffy is my favorite kind of Salt Water Taffy : )

    @TianneMarie Thank you so much! I don't wear makeup everyday but I'm trying to do a variety of looks ONLY using the Beach Collection (or mostly the Beach Collection)!

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