Bubble Scoops

Bubble Scoops:
These are our NEW Bubble Bars shaped as scoops of Ice Cream!  As you can see from the photo, they come in 2 sizes, Large & Mini!  The mini is perfect for one bath or could be cut in a few smaller pieces and used for pedicures or manicures.  The large will slightly vary in size/weight from batch to  batch (because they are handmade; they are NOT made in a mold) but you will be able to get up to 4 or more baths with it (depending on the amount of bubbles you desire and the type/style of your tub)!

I currently have Mango (shown above) listed on the site for sale and I will soon be listing Lemon Lime Pop (green) and Blue Raspberry Snowcone (blue)!  If you have any suggestions for a scent/color you would like, please leave a comment on this post!

♥ Elizabeth A.

Photo of the NEW Eye Shadow Packaging!

All makeup jars will be switching over the the new packaging over the next few weeks!  Currently, all 5 & 10 gram jars are already shipping with the new packaging.  However, it will be another week (maybe longer) until the 20 gram jars switch over!

Jars will now have the matte silver lids with a clear label on the top & bottom!
All jars will be shrink wrapped!
Sifters are now optional!  Each color has the option to choose no sifter, sifter in the jar or sifter but not in the jar!

Makeup Packaging

Over the next few weeks, you will see that our makeup packing is changing from clear lids to matte silver lids (some sizes are already shipping with the silver lids)!  The lid will contain a clear label with the logo & name of the product (Jelly Balm, Eye Shadow etc).

The bottom lid (also clear) will contain the following information:
-size (sample or net wt. etc)
-color name
-ingredients (I list the EXACT ingredients, not a may contain... type of list)
-what the product is safe for (safe for all applications or not eye safe etc)
-whether the product is vegan or not vegan
-company info (website, email, location etc)

While I have the above figured out, I do need your advice on sifters/shrink wrap!  Here are the options with their pros/cons:

sealed sifter & shrink wrapped
Pros: having both should prevent any spilling during transit
Cons: you have to remove 2 things to get the the product & sometimes sifter labels are hard to remove; less product as sifter takes up a bit of jar space

sealed sifter & NO shrink wrap
Pros: no shrink wrap to remove, sifter should keep things from spilling during transit
Cons: less product as sifter takes up a bit of jar space

NO sifter & shrink wrapped
Pros: shrink wrap will keep things from spilling, more product as sifter isn't taking up the extra space
Cons: you may get eye shadow up in the lid area, causing some flyaway powder when you open the jar

Of the three options above, which do you prefer?  Also, if I go with the no sifter & shrink wrapped, I will make sifters available for a small price!  The no sifter option will also decrease the sample jar prices a bit!  Please leave a comment below & let me know which of the options you would prefer!

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