NEW Fragrances!

Bacon - smells like fried bacon

Blue Sugar (compare to Aquolina)

Cafe Brulot Cookies - a buttery cookie dough with notes of brown sugar, pecans, coffee, cinnamon, clove and a hint of lemon & orange peel

Champagne - effervescent champagne bubbles with a hint of fruit and sweetness

Champagne Sugar (compare to Sula)

Chocolovers (compare to Aquolina)

Curious (compare to Britney Spears)

Curve Mens (compare to Liz Claiborne)

Dark Chocolate Truffle - the aroma of rich gourmet dark chocolate with a smooth, creamy chocolate center

Honey Love - the sweet aroma of raw honey blended with the delicious scent of cocoa butter & chocolate

Just Peachy - smells like fresh juicy peaches, simply mouthwatering!

PMS Cake - a slice of german chocolate cake with a sweet almond buttercream frosting, drizzled with a butterscotch syrup and topped with chocolate chips, toffee bits and toasted coconut flakes! (who wouldn't want to eat this when "PMSing"?

Red Raspberry - fresh red raspberries

Sugar Daddy (compare to Sugar Daddy & Sugar Babies)

Tommy Mens (compare to Tommy Hilfiger)

♥ Elizabeth A.

2 Response to "NEW Fragrances!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    lmao @ bacon! I have seen 'Fresh Dirt' body scrubs but never Bacon!! Omg, Champagne & PMS Cake sound wonderful ;)

    I don't think I would ever personally use bacon by itself but I have a few House Blends in mind that will contain just a hint of it : )

    PMS Cake smells good enough to eat and Champagne smells great too!

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