NEW Kiss My Sass Glosses Coming Soon!

I have created 6 new Kiss My Sass Glosses that will be up as soon as I have names for them!  If you'd like to suggest a name, please do so in the comments or send me a message on twitter

#1: dark coral pink with blue violet sparkles
#2: sheer violet with intense turquoise sparkles
#3: hot barbie pink with purple sparkles
#4: peachy nude with a very slight golden shimmer
#5: rose pink with a pink shimmer
#6: beige with a blue violet sheen

8 Response to "NEW Kiss My Sass Glosses Coming Soon!"

  1. Wow, 2, 3 and 4 are all right up my street - stunning! I think 3 should be called 'Plastic Princess' since it's a Barbie pink :D

    Wow numbers 1, 2 and 3 are gorgeous!

    Thank you both : )

    Stephine says:

    Wow, gorgeous colors! I normally have name ideas, but nothing (original) is coming to mind. Still really pretty!

    2 & 3 are gorgeous cant wait til you release them. I think the plastic princess name for number 3 is too cute!!

    Marcey says:

    Love #1 & from the photo I would suggest Raspberry Delight

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